The JanAire system is simple, efficient and easy to use.

Thermostats control the blowers which inflate the PolyVent curtain. When the temperature inside a building gets above the desired temperature for the building, the bottom blower will shut off, causing the bottom tubes in the JanAire PolyVent curtain to slowly deflate and collapse into the bottom gutter, out of the way. This action creates a small top opening that allows for fresh, outside, air to enter the building. When more ventilation is called for, the top blowers will automatically shut off. The remaining tubes will partially, or fully collapse until the desired temperature is reached. PolyVent is a very active system when weather takes wild swings during the spring and fall. A 5 foot by 100 foot JanAire PolyVent curtain takes less than two minutes to go from open to closed!