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Our inflatable curtain systems keep frigid weather out and let sunlight in!

JanAire Curtains are insulated, transparent, automatic and seal tight

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The JanAire Difference

There are many ventilation systems out there, but the unique features of the JanAire system make it the industry leader.


“We, at Holmacres, have had the pleasure to work with the JanAire company for the past twenty years. The curtains and the service have always been exemplary. To me the best asset has been the people that have worked with us to provide the product.”

Pam Franz, Holmacres

“The natural light is a game-changer…I’ll never go back and work in one of those dark brewed barns again!”

Poultry Farmer

“We saved 75% on our propane bill when we switched to JanAire PolyVents.”

Hog Barn Customer

“With conventional curtains, our litter would go “out of condition” along the outside walls. Now it stays dry even with our coldest Minnesota winters!”

Poultry Farmer

“There is no noise or drafts coming through…It’s an air-tight wall!”

Hog Barn Customer