Robotic Dairies

Robotic dairies have given the dairyman new freedom.  JanAire curtains, with thermostatic controls & automatic operation, have gained you one more freedom. Many of the robotic dairies have also automated their manure systems. With a moderate amount of insulation in the roof, and JanAire insulated curtains on the side wall, you won’t have to worry about your alleys freezing up!

 This barn has 8 robots in four locations along both sides of the barn.

 Inside you see a very well insulated barn. Because it is so well insulated, they can move lots of air through the barn, no matter how cold it gets, and, they do not have any frozen alleys.

 Here’s a robotic dairy in Holland that has JanAire curtains on their barn!

 This robot is in the Dutch barn to the left –

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