Five Special Reasons why Poultry Producers Like JanAire Curtains

  1. Sun Light
    “I’ll never go back and work in one of those dark brood
    barns again! I spend most of my day there.”
    Workers appreciate working in a bright barn, and JanAire
    will save you money on your electricity bills. No lights will be
    needed during the daylight hours!
  2. Seals Tight
    “With conventional curtains, our litter would go ‘out of condition’ along the outside walls. Now, it stays dry even with our coldest Minnesota winters!” Even an insulated door can be cold if it doesn’t fit snugly in its frame. But, with JanAire PolyVent, the air pressure inside the tubes pushes them up tight to the frame, eliminating drafts.
  3. Low Maintenance
    “This is the simplest system I’ve ever worked with.”
    Except for two fractional fans, there are no mechanical parts. No hinges or pulleys to rust, no cables or ropes to stretch and break, no leaky air lines; and it won’t freeze up or go out of adjustment.
  4. Insulated
    “There can be snow on the outside of the unit, yet be warm
    right up to it on the inside.”
    The six inches of dead air space in the PolyVent makes it the best insulated curtain on the market today. The JanAire PolyVent will pay for itself with added fuel savings. JanAire has had a number of users who report a 1-2 year payback in fuel savings.
  5. Simple Operation
    “JanAire Ventilation Systems are so simple, I should have thought of it myself!”
    Don’t forget to complete your barn with a JanAire RidgeVent!

This finishing barn has 5-foot JanAire curtains on the sides and a JanAire RidgeVent set up for zone ventilation. Even though the curtains are closed there is still plenty of free, natural sunlight.

The 6″ of dead air space within the curtain makes it act like a thermal pane window. Even though there is snow on the outside of this building, it is warm on the inside, right up to the wall in this second-stage turkey barn.

Brood barns see a more even temperature throughout the building. Users report an elimination of cold spots along the walls compared to conventional curtains. Without any drafts the birds spread out, using the entire floor and the litter stays dry right up to the outside wall.


No ropes, pulleys, cables, limit switches, winches, air compressors, or air cylinders with JanAire curtains!

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