JanAire Options

Option #1 – Original White Standard Frame
Option #2 – Standard Galvanized Frame

Our original JanAire White Standard frames

Standard frames are much faster and simpler to install compared with any cable or pully-type curtain!

  • Four sealing points ensure an air tight, draft free closure when the air curtain is completely closed.
  • For all livestock species and all climate conditions.
  • We recommend our white standard frame for hog barns. Our galvanized standard frame is suitable for most dairy and poultry installations.
  • Constructed of 24 GA., 90 galvanized steel. Our white frame has a factory-applied Kylar paint finish.
  • 10 year warranty on painted parts failure due to corrosion when properly installed in dairy and poultry installations.
  • Our galvanized standard frame offers an 11% – 14% cost savings – depending on frame size – compared with our original standard white frame.
  • The top gutter on a standard frame sheds rain and snow on barns with little or no roof overhand, or, on the end walls of dairy free stall barns.


Option #3 – White Econo Frame
Option #4 – Galvanized Econo Frame

With the Galvanized Econo frame shown above, an already fast, simple, installation is just that much faster and easier to install. Approximately 20% LESS time to install an Econo unit versus our Standard framed unit!

Side View of a JanAire Econo Frame

  • Option #3 – JanAire White Econo frames offer a 9% – 23% cost savings, depending on frame size, compared with the JanAire White Standard Frame.
  • Option #4 – JanAire Galvanized Econo frame option offers a 21% – 39% cost savings, depending on frame size, compared with the original White Standard frame.
  • Three sealing points ensure a sufficient closure on warm barns located south of US Interstate 80 or in cool or cold barns located anywhere.
  • We recommend at least a 2′ roof over hang on buildings for the Econo framed unit – this will ensure that rain water won’t get behind the curtain and into the barns interior.
  • Econo frames have “J” guides attached to the bottom gutter every 4 feet the entire length of the vent opening.
  • Econo frames do not include a top gutter.


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