Hog Barn Curtains

“We saved 75% on our propane bill when we switched to JanAire PolyVents.”
We have had JanAire producers downsize their heaters in their hog buildings after they installed JanAire systems. Think about it, are your curtains saving you money, or wasting your money? In today’s market, it’s more important than ever to cut costs. JanAire Ventilation Systems will help you cut costs!

“The PolyVents on our tunnel ventilated barn helps us keep the barn cooler in the summer time.”

With JanAire curtains installed on a tunnel ventilated barn, the warm air can’t migrate into the barn in the summer, just as cold air is kept out of the barn in the winter. The JanAire curtain helps you get the most out of your tunnel ventilated system.

Fewer parts mean less maintenance, that’s a fact! JanAire PolyVent curtains have no ropes, cables, pulleys, limit switches, or actuators to break down or go out of adjustment.

“It’s as tight as a wall!”

JanAire PolyVent eliminates drafts along the outside of your barn. By design the air pressure in PolyVent pushes it tightly against the top and bottom of the JanAire frame, eliminating drafts. No other curtain system seals as tight. With JanAire curtains, all of your winter minimum ventilation comes in through your ceiling inlets, exactly where it is supposed to come from.

You’ll really maximize all the benefits of JanAire curtains in the wean to finish barn. A JanAire curtain eliminates drafts, maintains your temperature, insulates, and brightens your barn.

JanAire curtains will act as a fail safe also. Using a thermostat between the ventilation controller and the curtain, if the controller malfunctions, the thermostat will take over. Unlike conventional curtain drops that need to be reset once the power comes back on, JanAire curtains will close themselves.



It is a proven fact that people report less stress and better attitudes when working in a sunny work area.

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