Free Stalls with JanAire Curtains

With JanAire curtains on your building, look at all the FREE sunlight that would be in your free stall area!

The PolyVents in this photo are completely closed! The flush system in this dairy continues to work even when the outside temps reach -35 degrees! (DID YOU NOTICE – there are NO lights turned on in this dairy!)



JanAire Air curtains adapt to ANY type of construction — steel or wood.

Some dairy people want to eliminate all types of barrier.  In that case, we recommend using 1/2″ diameter fiberglass rods treated with sun guard.  You will need to space them so that the JanAire curtain is supported by either a post, a stud or a rod every 2 feet the length of the JanAire System.



You can see the fiberglass rods through the PolyVent curtain!



JanAire curtains — a clean, crisp appearance!



You and your employees will appreciate a nice, bright barn to work in!

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