Fail Safe Curtains

Over the years, a number of our JanAire customers have asked us to design a “shorter” version to be used especially as a “Fail-Safe” unit on power ventilated buildings.

This “Fail-Safe” unit would be used as a safety precaution in the event of a power failure, thereby reducing the chance of your animals suffocating in a power ventilated building during a power failure. One important feature that hog producers have always approved of is that in the event of a power failure, the unit will always open … GUARANTEED!


Hog producers have reported a number of problems with the current fail safe devices on the market, including jamming shut, freezing up, and also problems resetting units after a power failure.

The unique air bladder design of a JanAire curtain system eliminates these problems. Plus the unit acts as a window to allow sunlight to light up the area, even when it is closed.

The smallest JanAire “Fail-Safe” unit will provide a 4 square foot opening at a cost of about $400 per unit. In comparison, a 32 square foot unit would cost $600. We will customize any size you need, with the smallest Fail Safe unit being 4 square feet of opening.

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