Calf Barn Curtains

Calf barns provide some unique challenges.

Calves need a dry environment that is draft-free, with sufficient air movement, but without any big temperature swings. Obviously, the bedding needs to be properly managed too.

Second, the barn needs to be properly insulated. Often when visiting a calf barn that has an insulated roof, the walls aren’t insulated. During the winter, if you touch the end walls, you will notice they are either damp or have frost on them. That moisture is moisture that didn’t leave the barn. If the end walls had also been insulated, the side walls would have been dry, or at least drier, with sufficient air movement.

This brings us to our curtains. JanAire curtains are insulated (6 inches of dead air) which adds to the overall insulation of the barn. The curtains seal tight – that eliminates drafts. And with their thermostatic operation, they eliminate the wild temperature swings you see with a manually operated curtain.

You can rest assured that when you go to bed at night, if the wind picks up and the temperature drops, your JanAire curtains will adjust for that change.

This calf barn is a triple curtain. Notice the JanAire curtain in the over shot ridge. The three garage doors on this end of the building are for bedding storage, feed storage, and a wash room.
Always innovating, this producer ran a wire under the trusses and over the pens to hang a heat lamp. New born calves will get a heat lamp for the first few days. This barn also has air distribution tubes above the trusses.

 A well designed calf barn is a pleasure to work in!
 This barn has automatic calf feeders on the south side, and group calf pens on the north side of the building.

 Inside, you have a nice, bright barn!
This calf barn has four separate rooms housing 200 calves!

 Each room in this barn has 50 calf pens.
The barn was built in an “H” pattern with a large utility room in the center.

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